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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

kicking cancer's ass - day 63

The other night while we were eating dinner, J looked at me and said "I miss your hair."

Such simple, innocent words, and yet they made me mad.  Mad at cancer.  Mad that my not-so-little boy has to feel that way.  He wasn't being mean, and even said seeing me without my hair doesn't make him sad.... but just the fact that he thought that pisses me off.  Stupid cancer.  What right do you have to mess with my children and their feelings?  Do what you want to me, but leave my babies and their emotions out of it.  I know in the grand scheme of things, an innocent comment is nothing.  Cancer may do its best but I am winning day by day and I will be victorious.  Little things like that, though, teach me not to be complacent in my battle.  My fight isn't just against the disease inside me, but it's against anything threatening the well-being and happiness of my family.  Stupid dumb breast cancer.  Don't mess with me.  Or my kids.

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