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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 57

Today I am hitting the bar before noon.  The chemo bar, that is.  I would much rather be hitting another type of bar, but unfortunately cancer kind of puts a halt to those kinds of activities.  I feel like a chemo rookie again.  Despite having four treatments under my belt and making it to the halfway point, in a way I am starting all over again.  Having said goodbye to the red devil last time, my next (and hopefully last!) four infusions will be taxol.  I've heard mixed reviews about this.  Plenty of people who have done the AC-T say that taxol is a breeze compared to AC.  I certainly hope so.  I don't want to be the oddball who bucks the trend and does worse on it!  I've been known to jinx myself, though, so I'm not holding out too much hope that this will go easy on me.  I've also heard that some people have a hard time with taxol and they hate it, so I think it's a crap shoot how your body is going to respond.  I'm hoping for better, but if I can only tolerate it as well as I have the first four, I'll be happy.

For those of you with children... why do they have the WORST timing when it comes to being sick????  Today is not only a chemo day, but I have an office visit with my oncologist first, and he is not known for short office visits.  We are most likely going to spend the whole day at the cancer center.  What fun!  How to do that with a sick child at home and nobody to watch him?  Hopefully Hubby called his dad to see if J could spend the afternoon with his Peepaw, but he was pretty groggy when I woke him up with the news that J was sick, so I'm not sure anything about the situation registered with him.

On a chemo side note, two of the most common complaints about taxol are neuropathy (tingling in hands & feet) and nail issues.  People have said that their nails turn black and sometimes even fall off.  Ick.  I do NOT like that one bit.  Two helpful hints were to have dark polish on your nails which helps protect them, and to "ice" your hands and feet.  So I am armed with dark purple nails and bags of frozen peas...not your usual weapons of choice when going into battle, but hopefully they work!

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