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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 53

I wish I could be one of those brave women who look stunning without their hair.  There is no denying it, though - I'm not a beautiful bald person.  My scalp is too white and my eyes are too close together and my ears stick out.  Besides all of that, I'm way too self-conscious to ever try to pull it off.  For someone who rarely changes her hairstyle by more than an inch here & there and who waited 40 years to color her hair, I have made being inconspicuous an art form.  Being a woman and being bald garners instant attention.  Not good for someone who prefers being a wallflower.

Unfortunately I've discovered that finding something to wear on my head every single day is almost as annoying has having to fix your hair (when you have it).  Wearing my wig sometimes gives me a headache, and even though it looks like my hair, I don't look like myself when I see me wearing it.  So unless I'm going to work or the store or the doctor (or the casino!), I end up wearing a cap or a bandana.  I even wear a little hat to sleep in so my head doesn't get cold.  It's getting old real fast, though, and that's frustrating since I have months of not having hair to look forward to.

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Lori Koepke said...

Ugh, that would be hard :(