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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 48

Dear Hubby,

Twelve years ago today, we stood side by side at the courthouse and said "I do".  You were nervous.  I was not.  We had both been down that road before and yet we still had the courage to try again.  Since day one it has been you and me against the world.  We have been a team and have had each other's back, no matter what.  We've faced down each challenge thrown at us and we've been victorious.  Our love not only remains true, but it grows stronger each day, each month, each year.  You are my best friend, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my partner in crime, my lover, my love.  You are the best father I could have hoped for for our children.  You are someone I'd want to know, a friend I'd want to have and the man I still fall in love with every day.  You make me feel beautiful even on days when I know I'm not (stupid dumb breast cancer!).  You pick me up when I'm down, you make me laugh when I want to cry, and you never, ever give up on me.  Thank you for twelve wonderful years.  I'm so glad you chose me to spend your life with.

I love you to the moon and back.

One little aside - today, October 15th, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  As part of the ups & downs of life, hubby and I experienced this loss twice.  Today, in addition to celebrating our love, I also want to remember the two little lives we didn't get to meet.  Hugs to anyone who has experienced this.  It's not often talked about.  It's devastating.  Life goes on, but I haven't forgotten.  

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