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Friday, October 25, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 58

Channeling my inner Allyson & doing some "Insomniac Blogging" today.

  • I learned yesterday that Benadryl given in my i.v. knocks me out, but only after giving me a horrible case of restless legs.  Hmph.  I ended up standing and walking with my little i.v. pole for the first hour of my taxol infusion.  Not fun.  I thought it was just because of my tendency to have restless legs syndrome anyway, but I've since learned this has happened to other people, too.  Misery loves company.
  • I also learned that taxol takes a long time.  We closed down the cancer center and were the last patients in there yesterday.
  • My oncologist complimented me on my hair and he told me I did a good job because it looks very close to my old hair.  He was disappointed that the cold caps didn't work for me, too.
  • Speaking of hair, the lab tech was ASTOUNDED that my wig wasn't my real hair.  She had to come find me and ask me to be sure.  She said she was arguing with someone else there, insisting it was my real hair.  She asked me if I had someone make the wig for me.  I told her it was just dumb luck because I ordered it online.  This maybe makes me hate my wig a little less.
  • My mom is in Texas this weekend but not seeing me!  My cousin is getting married in Austin tomorrow and Mom and D flew down to attend the wedding.  They are only here for the weekend, so no time to fit in a trip to Abilene.  I wish I could be at the wedding, too, but traveling and being in crowds are really iffy for me right now.  Sending love and huge congrats to L & K this weekend.
  • I love having a cleaning lady.  Normally I look around my house and see all of the things that need doing and wonder when I'll have the time and energy to do them.  Now I look around and see these things and think, "Oh, E will be here Friday."   It pretty much takes my whole paycheck each week to pay for her, but it's worth every penny.
  • My son will be twelve in four short weeks.  How did that happen?  That means in one more year he'll be a teenager!  He's almost as tall as me, his feet are as big as mine, he has "man hair" on his legs and recently announced he has hair under his arms.  Yikes.  Where did my little boy go?!??!?!
  • My hubby has been my rock throughout this whole journey.  He is there to talk to me about anything, anytime, and give me a pep talk when I need one.  He also has been to EVERY SINGLE appointment with me, even when it means sitting around the chemo infusion room watching his wife sleep for hours.  Can I just tell you how much I love this man?

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