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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 49

Seven weeks of chemo DONE!  Only seven more and I will be finished.  That's cause for a celebration.  Good thing Hubby and I already planned an overnight getaway!  Ok, we're really going because I have three appointments in Dallas tomorrow and we didn't want to have such a long day on top of a three hour drive there and back, AND we figured we'd hit the casino for a little anniversary celebration.  But marking the halfway point of chemo is just an added bonus.  After numerous days of feeling rather icky and under the weather, I am starting to get my Michelle mojo back.  Good timing for our road trip.  Who wants to travel when you're wanting nothing more than to be glued to your couch?

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day in my cancer world.  First we will meet with a plastic surgeon who will take part in my breast (hopefully) reconstruction surgery.  There are so many options and methods and he will examine me and my case to help us decide the best route to go.  We've never met him and I can't even pronounce his name, but I hope we like him.  Then we will see a gynecological oncologist to discuss removing my ovaries.  Since being positive for the BRCA 2 gene means an increased risk of ovarian cancer, we want those out of there!  When this surgery will be done will be determined by the type of reconstruction I choose.  It may be before, or it may just be something done down the line.  Finally we will visit with my surgeon again.  She wanted to see me halfway though chemo to see how I'm progressing and discuss my upcoming surgery.  It will be a busy day, but I'm grateful they were able to squeeze us in for all three appointments in one day so we could get it all done in one trip.

As always, thank you for the prayers and support.  If you have any to spare, please send some to my friends K & D as they begin their own cancer journey.

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