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Monday, October 28, 2013

kicking cancer's ass - day 61

Random musings...

  • Tonight is K's last fall ball softball game.  While I love her team to pieces and enjoy watching her play, I am ready for a break.  It will only be a little break, though, because she will play in a tournament in November and then another in December!
  • Had a very nice lunch and chat with a friend today.  So good to catch up (and the meal delivery was a bonus).  I would have preferred that we get out and walk and THEN have lunch as intended, but a sick kid foiled that plan.
  • Speaking of sick kids....this is day #3 that J has stayed home because of a stomach ache.  Why is he not sick on the weekends???  I think I'm a pretty good judge of when he's faking, and he was not faking this morning.  However, I really struggled with keeping him home when he already missed two days last week.  Normally in my Book of Mom Code, if you're not throwing up, coughing up or burning up, you go to school.  He insists that he loves school and there's no reason he doesn't want to go.... he's just not feeling good.  We'll see.  I told him if he's not throwing up tomorrow, he's going to school.  It might be mean, but he can sit at his desk and work with a stomach ache just as easily as he can lay on the couch!  
  • I'm already tired of uncomfortable medical procedures.  I'll spare you the details, but let's just say my appointment this morning may have been quick but it wasn't exactly painless.  Hmph.
  • I probably sound like a broken record, but I have the best husband.  Ever.  He won't be happy that I keep singing his praises, but he is by my side on this journey no matter what is going on.  He shows up whether I think he needs to or not, and I love him so much for that.  
  • They should call Taxol "the clear devil".  My new chemo buddy makes me HURT!  I'll take that over the sick, pukey, gross feeling any day, but it's no fun when everything aches (and I mean really aches)!  
  • Have you gotten your flu shot?  I haven't.  Mostly because I'm not allowed.  But also because I've never, in forty years, had a flu shot!  Unfortunately my family is not so lucky.  They were instructed by my oncologist to get the shot, and it must be the shot.  The nasal mist is a live vaccine and I'm not allowed near that.  So to protect their mommy's (and wife's) delicate immune system, Hubby and the kids are going to have to suck it up & get over their fear of needles so they can get a flu shot.  Good luck with that Hubs!

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