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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 185

Don't you hate it when you have a day that turns out exactly the opposite of what you had planned?  Today was Saturday, and after a crazy busy week, I had decided I would take it easy today.  That was made even easier by the fact that both of my children were gone for the afternoon.  Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy some alone time with Hubby or get anything accomplished that I wanted to because the headache from hell descended upon me.

After trying three different pain meds (we have quiet the selection in this house!), a massage, a hot shower and a nap, I'm finally feeling better, but it was the kind of headache that had me in tears, it hurt so bad.  I haven't had one that bad since my first chemo six months ago and I ended up in the ER.  Ugh.  Luckily I'm feeling a little better now, but after my extended nap time this afternoon/evening, I will probably have a hard time getting to sleep tonight, which means I'll be worthless again tomorrow.  Not exactly my plan for this weekend.

On the plus side, I just registered my son for church camp.  J went away to camp for the first time last year (how I managed to let him do that, I don't know.... that was hard on this mama's heart!) and he absolutely loved it.  I showed him the brochure for camp this year (different place) and he said he definiely wants to go.  I love that he wants to go, and I love that it's a place he can meet new people and experience new things in a safe environment supervised by trusted people from our church.  Any time he can experience an opportunity to let Jesus into his heart with young people his age is a good... no, a great, thing.  Funny thing - after looking at the brochure, the one thing he told me he's looking forward to most is the lazy river.  If there's anything to do with the word lazy, my son is all over it!

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