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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 212

Tonight was the Lady Diamonds' second game of the season.  Last year we were the oldest 6 and under team and won forty games (yes, I said 40).  This year we are the youngest 8 and under team and we're getting creamed.  The good news is the girls really have no clue.  They still come in the dugout after the game saying, "Did we win?"  My girl had two sweet hits, although one was snagged out of thin air by the shortstop.  Boooo!  She was very happy she scored after her first hit - she kept saying "Mama, I made it home!"  

Today was a big day for J.  He went to Dallas with the middle school band for a competition.  They did great (received a "1" which is the highest rating you can get).  The competition was at a music festival and after they performed they were able to ride the rides all afternoon.  They stopped at a pizza-and-games place on the way home for dinner, so you add in charter buses and friends and video games and it was a pretty perfect day for my boy.

My hot flashes had disappeared for a while but tonight they are back in full force.  As are my restless legs.  I had a good day, but I'm not expecting a good night.  I wish cancer would take its treatment side effects and go back home!

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