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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 199

I've almost reached the 200 day mark since my first chemo appointment.  It was actually a month before that when all of this craziness started, and a month before that when I found the lump that led to d-day.  It seems like this has been going on forever.  When I think of all of the tests, procedures, surgeries and treatments I've endured, all of the prescriptions I've had filled and all of the miles we've driven to countless appointments, it's truly overwhelming.

But, in the grand scheme of things, regarding a cancer battle, 199 days plus a couple of months isn't very long.  My friend Allyson has been at it ten times longer than that.  I've posted about her before, but I would love for you to read her latest blog entry.  It's as awful as it is inspirational.  This woman, my friend, is going through the unthinkable and somehow manages to share that with the rest of us through words that exude the goodness and grace that are inherent in her.

My 3 Sons: Bellies, Beds and Body Bags

The strength and courage that Allyson shows by sharing each horrible step down this road she shouldn't have to walk is astonishing.  Talk about courage under fire.

Count your blessings everyone, and pray for my sweet friend.

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