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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 196

If it's not one thing, it's ten others.  Or one other.  I have had a toothache for a week.  I got my temporary crown a week ago.  (A crown for my tooth.....although after all of this crap I think I deserve a real crown!)  Coincidence?

I knew my mouth could be sore because a temporary crown is just that...temporary and it's not meant to feel like a real tooth.  There's no fooling my mouth that there's a real tooth in there.  For a few days that's all I thought it was.... a vague soreness on the bottom from the position of the temporary on top.  By Friday I was having stabbing pain when I drank something cold, and to me that didn't seem to go along with this crown business.  Unfortunately my dentist was out of town so I couldn't see him until today.  I hobbled along all weekend with Advil and lukewarm drinks.  Oddly enough, it doesn't hurt at all when I eat.

Anyway, I went to my appointment today so they could see what's going on.  X-rays didn't show anything worrisome (which is good) so he seems to think it's all stemming from my bite being "off" while having the temporary.  The good news is my permanent crown was ready a week early, so they went ahead and put that in.  He also evened out my bite a bit on the bottom where it was hurting.  Between the two, the hope is that it will slowly get better.  The bad news is, slowly could mean up to another week of tooth pain before it's better.

Normally going to the dentist doesn't bother me, but with the pain on my bottom tooth and the sensitivity from them putting in the crown on top, I was about ready to jump out of that chair.  I clenched my fists under the leaded x-ray blanket and had to tell myself I made it through breast cancer surgery for crying out loud, I can get through this silly little appointment.

I popped three Advil as soon as I got in the car (cringing from the cold drink) and tried not to cry on the way home.  An hour later I'm much better.  I even managed to eat a piece of toast.  Hopefully this is the start of better days as far as my crowned tooth issue is concerned!

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