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Friday, March 21, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 204

Well, I promised Hubby I would make it to bed before midnight but then I forgot about my blog.  <sigh>

Let's make this quick.

I had an appointment with my radiation oncologist yesterday.  They were supposed to do my planning and sim... which basically means they put you on the table, do a CT scan of your anatomy that they'll be radiating and do a mock-up of your radiation plan.  Then the RO and a physicist work on the plan to get it precisely where the radiation beams need to be.  After 5 days or so they're ready for me to come back and get started.  At least that's the way the process was explained to me.  I might not have that 100% accurate.  Oh, and I also get cool little tattoos that show where I'll be getting radiation.

However, the physicist is going to be gone for a week and Dr. Au didn't want to do my CT and sim yesterday and then have to wait to start, because my anatomy might change (skin and muscles loosening up) before then which would throw the whole plan out the window.  So now I'm rescheduled for next Tuesday.

I want to ask for prayers for Hubby.  He had to have a bump removed from his tongue the other day and they are going to biopsy it.  You can imagine, after everything we've been through, we don't want to hear the word "biopsy".  Please pray that it's nothing.  Also pray for healing.  He had to get 24 stitches in his tongue and now, three days later, can't even eat anything more than ice cream or yogurt.  He's in a lot of pain and not feeling good at all.  I know he needs a lot more TLC than I've been able to give him this week because madam softball has been so demanding, but I hope he knows how much I worry about him and how sorry I am to see him hurting.

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