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Monday, March 24, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 208

Someone shared this on one of the breastcancer.org bulletin boards I post on.....it was posted on another board by a breast cancer patient's husband and I wanted to share his beautiful words.  I do not know this man, or his wife, but what he wrote really touched me:

I am a husband/ caregiver...

I didn't know where this should be posted---and since my wife is going through treatment now, I just picked here.

I have lurked since my wife's diagnosis and have been posting only for a few days.  I can recognize a sisterhood when I see one.  An army of kind souls.

I am humbled by your humanity.  Your grace.  Your power.  

My wife says she's just doing what she has to when I tell her I'm proud of her.  But she's doing more than enduring treatment for self serving means.  She's doing it with a grace that doesn't frighten our 2 small, sensitive girls.  THAT is strength.  I see my wife comforting our 4 year old over something trivial (the kind of thing only 4 year olds think is apocalyptic) and I see a woman of strength and beauty the likes of which I cannot imagine life without.

I read your posts and I see my wife or sister or mom.  I see a beautiful woman who is power and grace and humanity.  

I read accounts of people letting you down or failing to support you.

It breaks my heart to think that you aren't being held or hugged or listened to to the degree that you deserve or more importantly NEED.

You are beautiful.  Worthy of love and support and someone is missing out on YOU.  It's not your fault.  People with a heart and a soul and a brain are inspired by you.  Touched by you... whether you think you deserve it or not.  

People in pain don't reach out like you do to comfort others.  You ask very little.  You deliver day after day for others.  And you think you aren't worthy of praise or wonderment or fanfare.  You are wrong.  

You are to be cherished and held and loved.  And even on days when someone in your physical environment doesn't seem to be doing quite enough of this, you are being cherished and held and loved from afar by someone you have touched----even if quite by accident.

Know this to be true.

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