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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 94

I'm so immersed in my own kicking-cancer's-ass world that I'm disconnected from a lot of what's going on around me.  In a way that's unavoidable.  My life is a constant cycle of cancer stuff - taking pills, going to appointments, battling chemo side effects, researching future treatment & surgery options, dealing with doctor bills and insurance, etc.  It's a daily struggle to keep my head afloat and not let it all overwhelm me, physically and emotionally.  I just try to be the most normal Michelle I can be, for my family's sake and for my sake.  Unfortunately that makes me a little selfish, focusing only on me instead of those around me.  Sometimes something happens that will snap me out of my breast cancer fog.  Unfortunately the thing that accomplished that today was learning of yet another person in my little world that has cancer.

Her name is Jada and she is only seven years old.  I met her mother on a bulletin board on Babycenter the year I became pregnant with K.  Her kids are the exact same ages as my kids - her son only days younger than J and her daughter is a couple of weeks older than K.  Jada has cancer.  Did you notice I said she's only SEVEN?

I think about all of the tests and appointments I have, all of the drugs I have to take, all of the symptoms I deal with - none of which are pleasant, and I can't even wrap my mind around this innocent little girl having to do the same thing.  I know you don't know her, but if you are one of the dozens of people around this country praying for me, please add Jada and her family to those prayers.

Jada's mom told me that she wishes more than anything that she could take her daughter's place.  If there is a silver lining to my journey, it's that it's MY journey.  My heart aches for my friend having to watch her little girl endure this.

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