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Friday, November 29, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 93

Black Friday!

I believe there are two types of people in this world.  First you have the fanatical Black Friday shoppers.  They anxiously peruse the ads days in advance, prioritizing their list of items and even mapping out a route for their shopping excursion.  They make it a tradition with family members and/or friends, often heading out (or camping out!) during the middle of the night in order to line up at certain stores.  On the other hand you have the people who think Black Friday shopping is a legal form of torture.  They would rather pay an extra $50 (or more) for a certain item then wait in line for hours to score a deal.  Camping out in front of Best Buy days in advance to buy an iPad wouldn't occur to them in a million years.

I fall into the second category.  I don't hate shopping.  I don't mind finding deals - I'm an excellent bargain shopper!  However, having worked retail for seven years, which means working Black Friday for seven years, I have no desire to step into a store early on Black Friday morning (or even Thanksgiving night now) to save a few bucks.  My mom and I have gone out later in the afternoon on the day after Thanksgiving once or twice, but by then the crowds had thinned way out and we went only to look for a certain item or two.  Door-busters and early-bird specials are not my thing!

I do have to confess to doing some shopping today, though.  I even brought Hubby and the kids along!  It wasn't your typical Black Friday shopping trip.  K desperately needed a new dresser, so we hit up a few furniture stores and came home with these:

The panels on the front of the top drawer of both the dresser and nightstand are interchangeable and they came with about seven other colors.  So cute - and they match the white closet doors in K's room.  Since the dresser she had before was one I had had for years before I moved to Texas a dozen years ago and the bottom drawer was literally falling apart, this is quite an improvement!  And much more girly.  She's obviously a happy little lady.

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