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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 87

I spent the day under a blanket on my couch.  Considering we are in the middle of a winter storm warning, spending the day like that is pretty much ideal.  Unfortunately the aches have settled in, so I wasn't joyfully huddled under my blanket watching the icy weather outside.  I've been alternately sweating and freezing, and little zings of pain have been showing up here and there.  My throat is sore, I feel like I have "swollen glands" all over my body and I have zero energy.

Thankfully the weather is pretty conducive to being housebound.  Hubby took Grammie and the kids in his 4WD truck to Target to ward off some of the stir-crazies and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movie Gremlins.  Aren't we an exciting bunch?

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