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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 91


I have been the recipient of so many gifts and thoughtful acts since D-day - the kindness and generosity of my family and friends continue to astound me.  I could write a blog post every day about something nice that someone has done for me.  Not kidding.  Each one touches me and makes me grateful that God has put these caring people in my life.  Sometimes, though, something so beautifully surprising happens that it catches me completely off guard.

I received this in the mail today:

Not only does it contain two of my favorite things (tea and chocolate), but each item was thoughtfully chosen for me for what I'm going through - and the bonus is that it all comes from my home town.  The chocolate is from Krause's (if you've ever been anywhere near Saugerties, NY, you know the magic of Krause's), the tea is from Mohonk, the cookies were made by someone I went to school with.  What really got me, though, was the beautiful handwritten note from the sender - someone I met in elementary school and shared playdates and sleepovers with as a girl, but haven't done much more than say hello to at the July 4th parade once a year since I moved away.  I've read her note three times and have been brought to tears each time.  Who does something like this for someone they shared a friendship with twenty years ago?  

So many people in my shoes will ask "Why me?".  Nobody wants cancer, and most people will never know why they were chosen to fight this fight.  I've never wondered what I did wrong to deserve this.  My question is what did I ever do right to deserve all of these incredible blessings being sent my way?   There are days when my horrible symptoms get the best of me.  There are times when I want to throw in the towel.  There are days that I just want to cry - and I do.  But then there are days when I receive an unexpected package in the mail or a hand-written card from a six-year-old girl who loves me and wants me to feel better, and my downward slide is halted right then and there.  

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I am not thankful that I have cancer.  But I am and always will be thankful that people have chosen ways both big and small to let me know that I'm not walking this road alone.

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