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Friday, November 15, 2013

kicking cancer's ass - day 78

Oops.  Looks like I missed a day of posting.  Actually, I knew I did.  I sat down to write something last night and ended up going to bed early because chemo decided to throw another new side effect at me.  I won't go into details, but as with all side effects (with the exception of not having to shave my legs...I have no problem with that one), it wasn't fun.

Anyway, what can I write about for yesterday?  Oh - I know.  You will never know how touched I am by how many people think about me and pray for me.  It's astounding, really.  I have friends and family all over the country, some I've never even met in person, who have sent me cards, constantly ask how I'm doing, and pray for me.  My father has me on every prayer list at every church in his area.  His bowling team bought the t-shirts to support me!  I belong to two support groups online, one on www.breastcancer.org and another on Facebook, and these women are in the trenches with me every single day, making me laugh, sharing their experiences and answering my questions.  A few weeks ago my cleaning lady left me a pretty cross bracelet with a breast cancer ribbon charm on it.

I had sent an email to J's school counselor and principal at the beginning of the year, just to let them know about my situation so they can keep an eye out if J starts struggling with things at school.  The principal said he would let J's teachers know and they would all watch out for him.  The other day I had to send an email to J's teachers.  I've only met one of them, because now that he's in middle school, the moms aren't involved so much anymore.  Drives me crazy.  Anyway, the response I received from one of his teachers had this added on to the end:

My family continues to remember you in our prayers.  I served on the cancer board for six years, and we still help on the transportation needs of patients.  In the church where I preach, we have the longest surviving cancer patient for Taylor County.  I hope that describes you some day - for your sake and for Jared's sake

See what I mean?  Astounding.

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