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Friday, September 20, 2013

Kicking cancer's ass - day 23

TGIF!  We have had two days of rain.  In west Texas.  In case you don't catch my drift, that is highly unusual!  I know we need the rain, but two endless days of dreary, wet weather and this solar powered girl is ready for some sunshine!  Thankfully the weekend looks good with a forecast of sun and temps in the 80s.
Unfortunately, the rain has put a damper on our weekend plans.  Grammie is here until Sunday and was very excited to finally be able to see one of J's football games.  Who knew that a soaking rain would mess up a football game?  Apparently the fields are too wet and all of tomorrow's games have to be rescheduled, so now the game isn't until Sunday afternoon.  Grammie leaves Sunday morning.  Hmph.

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