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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 221

My mother loves to talk about the weather.  In fact, I think she watches the Weather Channel more than any other channel on tv.  I'm not quite as weather-obsessed as she is, but I am going to dedicate this short blog post to discussing the weather.

Friday it was sunny and warm.  In fact, when I got in my car at Walmart that afternoon the thermometer said 102 degrees.  Now obviously the air temperature wasn't that hot, but in the sun it was very, very warm.

Saturday it was cloudy all day, extremely windy and very chilly.  Our softball fields are right next to a lake so it's always windier and about ten degrees colder (or hotter in the summer) out there than in town, so even though the temperature was in the 60s, it wasn't comfortable.

Today (Sunday) I woke up to 46 degrees and rain.  Thankfully the wind isn't quite as bad as it was yesterday, but it is a miserable day to wrap up a softball tournament.  I want to send out props to my Hubby who came out to relieve me this afternoon.  After being out there for four hours this morning, my shoes, socks and pants were wet and my feet were like blocks of ice.

Since I'm talking softball (and weather) this weekend, check out this amazing photo my friend (a fellow softball parent and photographer) took of our game the other night (and yes, that's my #22 front and center!):

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Wright Family said...

Great picture! I can't believe they play softball that long - and that you stay that long. That's crazy! It reminds me of my dad - he used to love the weather channel. Funny!