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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 218

I finally got the call!  I will start radiation on Tuesday.  I shouldn't sound excited, but man, I am sooooooooooooo ready to get that show on the road!  It's been three months (to the day) since my surgery, so that's really a long time between surgery and radiation.  Please say prayers that this next phase of my treatment will take care of any evil cancer cells lurking about.

While we're on the subject of radiation, remember the sticker-covered sharpie marks I'm sporting instead of tattoos?  One of them is coming off!  Already!  And I haven't even started rads yet.  Yikes!  I thought maybe I could just cover up the mark with something else, but when I started to move the sticker I discovered that the mark is on the STICKER, not me anymore!  Crapola.  Looks like I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow to see what they want to do.

I feel a little unprepared for radiation.  With chemo and my surgery, I researched things to death.  With radiation, all I'm going by is what Dr. Au has told me and what my friends who have gone through this before me have said.  I do have Aloe gel, Aloe spray, Vitamin E oil and a highly recommended product called Miaderm all ready to go in hopes of keeping my skin from burning.  I haven't been very anxious about this whole process.... we'll see what happens when I go in Tuesday for my first session!

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