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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 226

I sat down at my computer last night with good intentions... I even had a topic in mind for my blog. Somehow I got sidetracked and not only did I forget to post, now I forget what I was even going to write about!  Oh the joys of chemo brain.

I honestly even forgot all about writing a post until Hubby sent me a text this morning saying "no Friday blog?".  Oops.

I told him the other day that it's hard to think of something to write about every day. He said that's a good thing, and I guess that's true. During chemo and after my surgery there was always something to report or something to complain about or something I needed help with. Since my weekly trips to Dallas ended a month ago, life has been somewhat uneventful (at least on the cancer front) so I haven't had much to say.  Even now that I started radiation, life is moving along normally with me just a little (ok, a lot) more tired.

I want to send a huge shout out to my people who have joined the Beacon of Hope for Michelle Relay for Life team and to those who have donated.  In just a few short days we have exceeded my fundraising goal of $1000!!!  (That doesn't mean you're excused if you haven't donated - ha ha. Every dollar counts in the fight against cancer!). If you haven't yet donated or wish to join my team and walk with us, please sign up!  Your support means more than you'll ever know!

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