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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 216

It has been 16 weeks since my last chemo treatment and my hair is slowly, slowly growing.  It has filled in and I look like I have a crew cut (or like a preteen boy).  Unfortunately I don't like the preteen boy/crew cut look!  Both of my kids love to feel my hair and are so happy it has grown so much.  They keep telling me that I should ditch the hats because I have "so much hair".

Yes, compared to being bald, I do have a lot of hair.  And most women who have gone through chemo probably would go "topless" by now, with the amount of hair I have.  I am so used to having so much hair, though, that looking like a brown/gray chia pet just isn't ME.  I'm really sick of my wigs, though, so most days I wear a bandana out and nothing on my head around the house.  

Baby steps.

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