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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 365

I had an appointment with Dr Au (my radiation oncologist) today for my 3 month post-rads check-up.  Of course he said everything looks good but I could benefit from some stretching and massage, especially on the radiated side.  No kidding.  He also said I don't have to come back for six months.  This is the first doctor that I've graduated to six month check-ups with.  Yay!

Unfortunately I had to step on the scale when I first got there.  That's never fun.  It's especially not fun when you've been basically sitting around on the couch for two weeks after surgery.  And it wasn't exactly a genius idea going out to lunch right before my appointment.  Hubby made it ok, though, when he pointed out the sign above the scale, which said to pretend the number is my IQ.  

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