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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 359

Yesterday was one week post-op for me.  I really thought I'd be feeling better by now.  Overall I do... I don't have that hit by a truck, want to lay in bed all day feeling.  But I am just SO SORE.  It's not really from my incisions.  If anything, I think it's because all of my internal organs were moved around and now nothing wants to work right.  Not to mention that narcotic pain medication slows down your digestive system, so I've been taking meds to counteract that for a week.  All of that adds up to a whole lot of not fun feeling.

The heating pad on my stomach is my best friend... which leads to hot flashes and sweating.  I'm down to one pain pill a day, if that, which is good, but I'm still hurting most of the time.  When I get up from sitting or laying down, I am hunched over for a few minutes until everything adjusts.  I try to move around as much as I can, but I'm definitely not up for anything strenuous.

There are a couple of other situations in my life not related to cancer that are making things complicated for me, so on top of the physical discomfort, I'm getting a little emotionally stressed, too.

Has anyone seen my ass-kicking shoes?  I need them back!

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