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Monday, August 25, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 362

First day of school 2014

Honestly, the only reason I'm happy for the first day of school is because my kids are BORED.  They need activities, they need a routine, they need their friends.  Sitting home playing video games because Mom can't drive can only be fun for so long.  I love summer.  I love flip flops and lazy mornings and swimming.  Aside from the last three weeks, we've had a great summer.  J & K have done camps and the zoo, movies and sleepovers.  I love doing fun things with my kids, and I love not having to wake them up before 7am every day.  However, I'm ready for them to be busy.  I'm ready for fall softball and I'm ready for football.  

Both of my kids are moving to different schools this year.  J is going into junior high (how is that even possible?!?!?!) and will be playing 7th grade football for the school.  K is moving up to the intermediate school and will have two different third grade teachers.  Big changes for both of them.  I'm happy that they are both well adjusted and confident in their own skin.  I hope that they have friends to hang out with, the mean kids better leave them alone, and I pray that they have a safe and productive school year.
May God watch over them, their teachers, their bus drivers and their coaches.  

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