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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 344

I am a day late in posting my blog (in case you didn't notice).   What a long day... What a long week!

I've only been getting about four hours of sleep a night, driving an hour each way to and from the hospital and spending all day every day there with my dad and Marion.  Yesterday I was there for thirteen hours. I had three hours to sleep last night before I had to get up and head to the airport.  I have my pre-op appointments in Dallas today so I was on the road at 4am.

I was really torn about leaving Dad with his condition still not entirely stable.  It's incredibly difficult living so far away, especially when something like this happens.  But I know in my heart that he would be upset with me if he knew I was putting off my own health stuff (regardless of how non-critical it is).

My dad is holding his own.  A HUGE milestone yesterday - he ate!  The medical staff was very concerned because he hadn't eaten and couldn't pass the speech therapist's swallow test the previous day.  Dad gets very agitated and pulls on everything... his gown, his IV, his oxygen tube, his id bracelets.  If it's attached to him, he wants it off!  So they were worried about him not eating since he most likely couldn't handle a GI tube. They shouldn't have underestimated him!  As much as he fought and refused to cooperate the first time they tried, this time worked like a charm. They walked in the room asking if he was ready to eat and he said "Yes!".

He had ice chips, applesauce and some juice. He is able to answer questions (even held up two fingers and gave a thumbs up when asked), knew who we were and joked around with the nurses.  All positives!

On the flip side, his blood pressure is still too high, he has moments of lucidity and moments of extreme confusion and agitation, and he is still in critical care.  He is making strides (amazing ones if you all me) but not out of the woods yet.

Please keep praying

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