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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 343

Keep the prayers coming!!!
Dad may not be back to his fighting form but he's holding his own and we are so thankful. His blood clots are slowly dissolving and his vitals are good. He was able to sleep most of the day, so while we would've liked him to be more lucid, it's good that he was calm and got some much needed rest.

Please keep Marion in your prayers, too. She loves my dad so much and is completely devoted to him. She needs strength, patience, support and peace as she helps him down this long road to recovery.

Last night I went to bed in tears, afraid I was seeing the last of my dad. Tonight I am going to bed with a thankful heart... for God giving my dad some peace and rest, for the nurses who are taking amazing care of him, for Marion who is most definitely standing by her man, for my mom and my brother who are with me as we watch over my dad and hope for the best, for my BFF who I saw today for the first time in a year, and for my Hubby who is giving me whatever I need. 

Blessed, even in troubled times.

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