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Friday, August 15, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 352

I'm so popular.  Since I arrived here yesterday I've had visits from about a dozen nurses, several physicians, lab techs (vampires who wake me up all night long to draw blood) and even a speech therapist.  The latter brought me a new toy:

It looks innocent enough, right?  Not! I'm supposed to take five deep breaths every fifteen minutes using that, and let me tell you those deep breaths hurt! Even though my surgery was laparascopic, most movement pulls my incisions. Ouch.  Better than a collapsed lung I guess, but not fun.

I was able to eat pancakes last night, and I slept off and on.  We'll see how today goes but I'm guessing I'll be here until tomorrow.

The one good thing about being here is the compression boots I have on my legs to help with circulation. No restless legs for me in the hospital!  And IV pain meds.

Now that I've had this surgery, there are no more lady parts in my body for cancer to feed off of, so hopefully I've seen the last of that monster!

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