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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 347

Hubby and I are finally headed home. I'm glad we stayed this weekend in case anything changed with my dad & I had to leave again, and I needed to recharge in a BIG way.  But I am more than ready to sleep in my own bed and to see J & K.  This is the longest I've ever been away from my kids... I'm thinking it might not be quite so hard being away from them if I was sitting on a beach sipping a tropical drink!  After the last seven days I've had, I'm looking forward to seeing their sweet faces.

Huge props to my brother- & sister-in-law for watching them this weekend, and they will help us again this week when I have my surgery.

Speaking of surgery, since my dad seems to be holding steady, we are all systems go for Thursday. I will be in the hospital for 1-2 days and hopefully not too uncomfortable.

As for my dad, here are some of the texts I've received from my mom and Marion:

- Hi, I fed him his dinner. He would not eat by himself, I made him hold his cup, I know he can do it! I think he thinks he might drop or spill his food in his left hand. I exercised his right arm & leg couple times today. Nurse was surprised how loose they were tonight! His memory is  improving also! 

-Dad is just resting/sleeping. Marion said he ate a little breakfast.  His BP still goes up. Right now it is a little high but was good when Marion came in. She said they r getting another room ready to move Dad. So that is a good sign. She said they mashed up his meds and gave them to him in applesauce rather than IV. Another good sign.

-Dad has no temp :)  Neurologist just in.dad did great!!!!!  Followed the light, etc.  Stuck out his tongue when prompted. Etc.  Did everything right :)   Marion was just asking him questions and knew some of the answers that he didn't know yesterday.  

I'm so grateful for everyone who is keeping him (and us) in their prayers. Dad seems to improve a little each day, which is all we can ask for.  He is waiting right now to be moved from critical care to the cardiac step-down unit, which to me is a GREAT sign.

God is good.

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