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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 272

I am tired of being tired!

I'm a part-time working wife and mom of two kids... there's always dishes to do, laundry to put away, floors to vacuum, errands to run, bills to pay, homework to go over, softball games to coach.

I've also been busy fighting cancer for 272 days. So I suppose it's understandable that I'm tired. Fatigue is a known side effect of all of my treatments and most of my meds. But I'm just so tired of the fatigue. 

Sunday I slept until 10:30am.  Yesterday I didn't get up until 9am.  I go to bed at a normal time most nights.  You'd think I would feel rested.  I don't. By 3pm (if I make it that long) just about every day I hit a wall and I'm ready to crash, and I just try to push through until bedtime.  Being done with active treatment doesn't mean my body is done with the effects of active treatment.

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Simplelife4Real said...

Michelle, this is Kay Kratunis. I'm going back and reading some of your blogs from last month. I, too, have had bouts of fatigue. I think rads do it to us. I'm almost 3 weeks out from rads and the fatigue seems to be lifting. The week after the end of rads seemed to be the worse.

I'm happy for you for your jackpot win over the weekend!