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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 260

What do you write about when you go to bed and realize you never wrote a blog post that day?
I'm too tired to think of something clever and witty, so I'll just ramble.

Today my BFF spent the day at the beach with her parents. There is not one part of that that I'm not jealous about. I would love to spend time with my parents (or hers... LOL). I would give anything to be able to walk along the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean. And by "ocean" I mean East coast Atlantic ocean.... Not the Gulf of Mexico. I want to see sand dunes and lighthouses and seagulls. And I want to hang out with my BFF. But I already wrote about that this week.

Instead of hanging at the beach like some lucky people, today I sat out on my deck and soaked up some sun. I wasn't out there long and was mostly covered since sun and radiation don't mix.... But the 15 minutes of vitamin D infusion was like a balm to my soul.

They are tearing up the road in front of my house to build another lane, so my tranquility was interrupted by the constant drone of heavy machinery and "beep beep beep".  All.Day.Long. 

Tomorrow is my first of five " boosts " for radiation. We'll see if it's any different than the first 28 treatments!

Restless legs syndrome sucks.

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