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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 253

Let's talk chemo brain.  I know I've mentioned chemo brain before.
(I have, haven't I?)  
Chemo brain is the one "cancer card" that I shamelessly pull whenever necessary, because honestly it's the truth!  BC (before cancer) I was smart.  I was OCD organized.  I was able to multitask.  I had a mind like a steel trap and the memory of an elephant.  
Thanks to chemo, I'm still smart, but those other things?  Nah - they are gone like the wind.  

Example - Sunday is my nephew's son's first birthday party.  My sister-in-law came by the office today and I asked her for some ideas of what to get him.  She told me a couple of things she knew he was getting and what she got for him.  Fast forward two hours.  I'm at Sams buying Icee frozen push pops for Hubby (you're welcome) and I see something that little T might like for his birthday.  Not frozen push pops, although he'd probably like those, too!  Anyway, my brain immediately goes blank and I honestly can't remember if what I'm looking at is what my sister-in-law told me she already got for him.  In just a couple of hours I completely forgot, as in, no remembering no matter how hard I try.  <sigh>

In case you think it's just me...here is a series of posts from a group of my Facebook friends who all went through chemo the same time as me:

  • Today I realized my shop rent was due a few days ago....which also means my sales check is waiting. I mean, I am forgetting to get my money??!! LOL 
  • I have a calendar book that I must have with me all the time...its the only way I have kept up with all the Cancer appointments. I am not sure how I have managed to get my kids off to school every morning since all this began.
  •  I just graduated to modern technology and started using the calendar on my phone to log everything. I still double-booked myself today. One day I scheduled 5 friggin appointments at the same time. FIVE! How is that even possible?
  •   I am in the same boat... I have things set to pop up on my computer and ding on my phone. I set a reminder for when I get home on things I think of in the car and do voice memos for...... and I have still not paid last months cable bill -> look a squirrel
  • I forgot my American express payment this month. thanks $25 late fee 
  • Post-its, posts-its everywhere........
  •  I didn't realize how bad it was in NOV/DEC... except that I can't really remember much of NOV/DEC. 
See?  It's not just me!  And I'm not making it up!  

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Hi Michelle! This is Kay Kratunis. Great blog! I'm going to start following it.