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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 252

We are lucky enough to have a professional photographer's kid on our softball team.  Isn't this wonderful??
(We actually have two, but this photo was taken by Marti Wade who did our team pictures).  

One of the big "issues" Hubby and I have right now is softball.  I love it and love being involved with it.  He likes K playing it but doesn't like me being so involved in it.  I think it bothered him even before cancer because it takes up so much of my time, but it really bothers him now.  He thinks I'm doing too much and it's too taxing on me, given all that I've been through and am still going through.

He might have a point.  At least a small one.  Maybe I am doing more than I should sometimes.  I'm tired all of the time, which is completely normal considering my body has been through chemo, major surgery and now daily radiation.  Despite that, life still goes on.  I have a husband and children to take care of.  I have a house to keep up with.  I have a job.  I can't spend every day "resting".  Not only that, I don't want to.  There are days when I can be more active than others, and there are days when my body tells me "ENOUGH!!" and I crash for a long time.

What I don't think Hubby understands is that like reading or blogging (or Facebook...haha), softball is a hobby for me, an outlet.  It gives me something to think about and focus on besides my health.  So much of my life revolves around cancer.... researching and appointments, tests and medications, that it's nice to have something else to concentrate on.  I just really hate that it is a bone of contention between Hubby and me.  He has his "who done it?" shows and I have softball work on my laptop.  At least we're in the same room, right?

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