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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 262

If only I had the energy of a second grader.

Tonight I am spending the night at a hotel supervising a room full of girls at K's BFF's sleepover birthday party. We started out with 13 staying and have called three parents to come rescue their girls already.  Another of mine migrated to the other room. I now have one sacked out and three others watching Disney on Demand.

The other room has had two visits from hotel security... I think I picked the right room!  Although I do wish these little princesses would go to sleep, because it's past time for me to set aside my tiara for the night and catch some beauty rest.  Somehow I think instead of melatonin, I should have added a 5 hour energy drink to my nightly pills. {Yawn}

They're cute and all, but remind me I don't want to do a sleepover birthday party anytime soon. Or ever.

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