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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 259

Well, today's radiation was pretty much a non-event.  Not to say it didn't happen... it did.  It just wasn't any different than any of the other days.  I was a little disappointed.  If you read my blog Monday, you know that yesterday was supposed to be my last "full area" treatment.  Then I'm supposed to get two to the chest wall only, and then five boosts.  Ok, so am I the only one who thought "chest wall only" radiation would be different than "full area" radiation???  Ha - we were wrong.  Maybe the radiation beams came at me at a different angle or whatever, but it was the exact same procedure as the previous twenty-six days.

So either I was wrong in assuming today would be a little different or they messed up and gave me the full treatment again today!  Since I know next to nothing about radiation and (to Hubby's dismay) I didn't ask, you can figure out which one is more likely.

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