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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 505

Want to hear something neat?   I received a message yesterday from one of my KCA friends.  One of her good friends has a friend (stay with me here) who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  The mutual friend asked my friend if she had any resources she could pass along.  Turns out this woman with breast cancer lives in Iowa.  Another of our KCA friends lives in Iowa, so my KCA friend asked her for information to give to this other woman.  There's an organization in Des Moines that pairs people who have cancer with other cancer survivors, so they have a kind of mentor as they begin their fight.  Our KCA friend lives near Des Moines, and guess what?  SHE was paired with this woman, the friend of a friend of a friend, to be her mentor.  Small world, right?

Why did I post the quote above?  Our KCA friend in Iowa is facing a challenge right now, but by being a mentor to other cancer patients, she is putting her fear aside, moving forward and making a difference.

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