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Friday, January 9, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 500

Today is day 500 of kicking cancer's ass.  On day 499 I did a hundred squats - yes, that's ONE HUNDRED (breathing heavily and needing to rest halfway through, while my teenager breezed right through them... Grrrr) and a forty second plank. 

My daughter must have sensed my exhaustion because she tried to bless me with superhero powers. I told her I was too tired to be a superhero.

I did learn that she has superhero powers:

She can turn into literally anything.

She can push a button on her watch and turn into half-human and half-cyborgThe other button makes her half-demon.

She can shoot lasers out of her eyes.

She can read ancient legends and say ancient spells.

She can fight evil demons.

She can shoot firebolts and lightning bolts.

Wow. Being an eight year old superhero sounds more exhausting than my fitness challenge!

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