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Friday, January 2, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 492

Do you make any resolutions for the new year?  I don't have willpower to stick to a diet, so I never make New Year's resolutions regarding eating or exercising.  I know myself, and I know it'll never last.  I did start a fitness challenge, though.  One of the Bellas (my breast cancer Facebook group) put up a challenge for planking and squats.  Since I am completely out of shape with no motivation to exercise, I thought maybe I should do this to get my butt moving!

I have zero upper body strength.  I've always been a weakling, but that's been made even worse since my surgeries that affected the muscles in my chest and under my arms.  I knew the plank challenge would really challenge me, especially since I still have some pain in my side from coughing.  So far so good, though.  I even did the plank twice yesterday and today!  Fifteen seconds may not seem like a lot, but oh my God is it hard!  I had K get down on the floor with me today to try to do it.  She's a healthy, energetic, athletic eight-year-old.  She couldn't do more than four seconds!  That made me feel better.  Ha!  

The squats are easier for me, but doing 50 or 55 at a time isn't easy.  I'm trying not to look at the end of the month where it says 250.  Yikes!

I may not be buff or skinny, but at least I'm doing something to make my body a little healthier and stronger.

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