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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 458

It's been a long 36 hours, but I enjoyed every minute spending time with my family.

We headed out on a road trip to the Metroplex (for you non-Texans, that's Dallas-Fort Worth) yesterday:

Our first stop was a birthday dinner at J's restaurant of choice - Boomer Jack's.  It's a little over-stimulating in there because it's a sports bar & grill and they have over 120 tvs, all with something different showing.  You can watch golf, poker, basketball, sports news, soccer and two different football games all from one spot.  The food is fantastic, though, and it made J happy.

We spent the evening cheering on our Wylie Bulldogs in their playoff berth against the Graham Steers. 

The Steers came to play.  The Bulldogs did not.  I bet it was a long, unhappy drive back to Abilene for the players and fans.  Fortunately we had surprise birthday plans for J the next day, so we only had a thirty minute drive to our hotel (where we were upgraded to a suite - sweet!).

The surprise for J was a trip to Northpark Center.  There is a toy train exhibit there (all proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House).  I don't think he was quite as excited about it as I had hoped he'd be, but we all enjoyed it.  

Northpark Center is a very swanky mall and my Highlander looked way out of place parked amidst the cars sporting the Lexus, Mercedes, Acura and BMW badges!  However, the trip redeemed itself for both kiddos with a stop at the LEGO store for J and a visit to Build a Bear for K.  Meet Dancer:

Sleeping in a hotel bed after three weeks in the recliner was a difficult task made even harder by unrelenting restless legs.  While my family slept away in the other room (thank goodness for the suite), I walked laps and did squats in the living room and tried three different meds before I was able to go to bed for good.  I'm getting tired of seeing 1am simply because I can't keep my legs still.

I'm happy to be back in my own house and in Hubby's recliner (although I think he's more than ready to reclaim it!).  Unfortunately we are going to head back to Big D on Monday to see Dr. T.  The only reason I'm not completely dreading doing this road trip twice in three days is the lingering hope that I will finally get rid of these last two drains.  It has been twenty-four days of being attached to these stupid things 24/7.  I am more than ready to say good riddance!

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