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Monday, November 17, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 446

There is a silver lining for every black cloud, right?

Our family received some more not so good news today.  One of the things surgical oncologists do during surgery is remove lymph nodes for testing.  If the lymph nodes are negative, then it's all good and no further treatment is usually needed (at least for colon cancer).  My mom's colon cancer was caught early and her surgeon was feeling positive about her outcome.  Unfortunately, even doctors are wrong sometimes.  Mom's surgeon removed twenty lymph nodes along with her tumor.  Only one of them came back positive.... but that one is enough to mean she will need chemotherapy.

I'm really blown away.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew it was bad and I knew I'd need chemo.  I hated it, but I knew it was my reality.  When my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and she said her doctors were optimistic that she would just need surgery, I felt the same way.  I am so angry and shocked that she will have to go through chemotherapy, too.  I know she's strong, I know she's healthy (other than that pesky cancer thing), and I know she has a great support system around her.  She'll get through this no problem.  But it pisses me off that she has to.  Her doctor told her that the chemotherapy given for colon cancer is usually tolerated very well.  That's fabulous, but who wants to "tolerate" chemo at all????

Right now she's in the wait and see mode until she selects a medical oncologist and gets in to see them.  They will decide what treatment will be given and when she'll start.  Then I'll warm up my research fingers and tire out Dr. Google so I can know what Mom can expect.  (Yes, I'm "that" patient who refuses to sit by and blindly go with what doctors say.)

Please keep my mom in your prayers.  I'm praying for health, healing, strength, peace and lifted spirits.

The silver lining to today's crappy day was this note that came home with K's report card:

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