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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 434

Today I take that pink attitude with me into the operating room.  It has been a long ten months since I had surgery for breast cancer.  Since then, I have had temporary "tissue expanders", which are basically very uncomfortable coconut bra-like implants.  This morning I go in for surgery to get new breasts.  They won't be my old ones, but I'm hoping for a huge step up from the 2014 model I've been stuck with since January.

My surgery will be long (10-ish hours) and complicated.  The day will be hellish for Hubby (pray for strength for him) but a piece of cake for me (I hope).  I'll have the best sleep of my life.  My recovery will be slow and uncomfortable.  Pray for strength for me.  The results, I hope, will be fabulous.

See you on the flip side.  I'll be the one doped up on pain meds and flashing her new cleavage.  Ok, maybe just the pain meds part... but you never know.

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Diane Lovio said...

Michelle - thinking of you often and hoping your surgery went well.
Love and hugs,
Diane (aka DTKD)