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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 438

Well, I have a few more scars now (some of them rather substantial), but I am one step further in my fight to get my body back from cancer.  I have a lot of healing to do, and probably another revision surgery or two down the road, but I'm so happy to have this major procedure behind me.  I'm uncomfortable, weak, tired and sore, and resentful of these stupid drains (yes, I knew I would have them, but I still hate them!!!), but I am less than thirty minutes from home and that makes me a happy camper!!

I need another shower so I can feel semi-clean after five days in the hospital. I can't drive for two weeks, can't raise my arms over my head or put any pressure on my chest. I can't lift anything heavier than five pounds for a month, and sitting on the toilet is going to hurt for the foreseeable future. My doctor is pleased with my progress so far, though, and must have confidence in me as a patient and Hubby as a helper. He told me I can text him pictures to keep him updated on how my incisions are doing so we don't have to drive all the way to Dallas and back for a quick clinic visit. So as long as everything continues to go well (please let everything continue to go well and my healing go according to plan), we won't have to go back to Dallas for a few weeks.  

Have I mentioned that I love my doctor?  He's a kind, smart perfectionist and wants to do his best to make me feel beautiful again. 

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