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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 442

Random musings - Insomniac Blogging style

  • I miss Allyson Hendrickson.  I have our last text and Facebook messenger conversations saved on my phone and every now and then I'll go back and read them, just so I can "hear" her voice.  She was wisdom and humor and warmth and light, and there is nobody else in the world like her.
  • Jimmy Fallon is a riot.  Almost every night I sit here watching him on tv and can't even believe the smartass little kid who sat behind me in study hall is now hosting the Tonight Show.  He makes me laugh because he's as much a fan of his guests as anyone, and he can't keep a straight face to save his life.
  • Hubby has been working from home this week.  He didn't tell me he planned to and I didn't expect it, but I'm grateful for his help and his company (and his scrambled eggs).
  • Yesterday I had a conversation with my kids' morning bus driver.  He told me I have wonderful children and "a bus driver knows pretty quickly".  Those kinds of things always warm a mom's heart.  Especially when one or both of said children are in trouble at home!
  • My dad called and left me a voice message the other day.  MY DAD CALLED AND LEFT ME A VOICE MESSAGE THE OTHER DAY.  Seriously.  A month ago he wouldn't even talk to me on the phone because it was too stressful to carry on a conversation.  Now he's calling  and leaving me a message to say he's thinking about me and wanted to know how I was.  He is walking with a cane and making jokes...fighter all the way.  Three months ago we didn't even know if he would live through the week.
  • I hate cancer - you know I hate cancer - but I hate it even more that cancer touched my mother.  I'm a little selfish, knowing that she would be here with me and to take care of my family if she didn't have her own cancer to deal with.  What I hate more than that, though, is that she has had to have one day, one hour, one MINUTE of pain, discomfort, fear or stress because of cancer.  My mom is a ray of sunshine in everyone's lives and nothing deserves to try to diminish that, even for a short time.
  • I try to be a good patient, but somehow it always works out that I want to be up when I should be resting and resting when I need to get up. I'm only one week post-op and I'm seriously sick and tired of resting.
  • In another eff-you to cancer, one of my KCA sisters has a recurrence. She just finished her last Herceptin infusion last month. She's in pain, she has fluid on her lungs and an unidentified mass.  She started chemo again yesterday - on her BIRTHDAY!  Lyn, you are in my prayers. Buckle down and kick ass like the warrior you are!
  • For anyone who questions my decision to go the reconstruction route that I did (instead of implants)... yes it would have been faster and yes, it would have been easier. However, even that is not guaranteed!  I know of two women who are currently having problems with their implants and both will need surgery to correct them. 
  • Whenever I need to spend any time sleeping in the recliner, my kids fight over who gets to sleep with Dad. K has taken up residence on my side of the bed and I might need a crowbar to get her out! Hubby woke up yesterday hugging a stuffed sloth.
  • I have no idea what to get my kids for Christmas. Am I just overwhelmed with other stuff this year, or are they to that hard to buy for age, or do they just have too much darn stuff???
It's midnight and I can post this on the next day, so I'll call it a wrap before I turn into a pumpkin.

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