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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 448

You laugh, but I'm not kidding.  Have you ever had plastic surgery and had to wear compression garments afterward?  No?  Then you have no idea of the true meaning of compression.  Since I had surgery on my legs, I have to wear compression shorts.  They're actually pretty comfortable once they are on, because they hold everything tight around my incisions.  However, getting them off and on is a workout, and there are no quick trips to the bathroom when you're wearing them!!

I took a shower yesterday and I realized that I spent almost two hours getting ready.  This is mostly because I had to sit down and rest every few minutes.  I have the strength of a snail right now.  I managed to stand in the shower until it was time to shave my legs (yes, aren't you impressed that I shaved my legs??), but then I practically collapsed on my borrowed shower chair.  It took me a while to recover enough to dry off, deal with the drains, put lotion on my incisions and squeeze back into my fancy compression shorts.  

I managed to put on a little make up and dry my hair so I was presentable, but I was also exhausted.  Just getting ready for the day like that is a monumental task.  

No wonder my doctor said it'll take a good two months to heal from this surgery.  

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