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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 441

There is nothing nice and neat about surgery. Everything is messy and bloody and no bodily functions are sacred. Having said that, poor Hubby has had to do more than his share of "dirty jobs".  Between changing bandages and helping me to the bathroom to hand washing my compression shorts and emptying drains, he has done everything without complaint.  (How he can do all of that and yet gag when he has to scoop the cat box is beyond me, but I digress...)

Last night he went one step further and removed two of my drains.  Hallelujah!! I'm sure this was not on his list of the top one hundred medical tasks he'd ever want to do in his life, but aside from an initial greenish tint to his face, he soldiered on and got the job done.  I think he was fine once he realized it wasn't hurting me, and now he's a pro, having removed two!  Dr T told me we could remove (or have a trusted nurse friend do it) one on each side Monday or Tuesday.  The rest can come out when they are producing less than 20cc per 24 hours.  So hopefully in the next day or two we will be able to remove a couple more, which will leave me with a lot less discomfort and make me feel not so tied down.  The remaining two will probably stick around for a while, but that's OK.

In addition to being married to a fabulously helpful guy, one thing I'm grateful for is online ordering!  Hubby can cook, but doesn't really have the inclination to, or the energy, considering he's taking care of me, working from home, and being Mr Mom.  It's pretty handy to place an order online and then all he has to do is go pick up our dinner!  He did make me scrambled eggs and toast for lunch and we discovered he makes them better than I do!  I told him he is now the designated egg maker in this house.  Unfortunately, he was the designated egg pan cleaner (something that really skeeves me out).... I'll have to think of some way to encourage him to cook the eggs AND clean the pan!

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