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Monday, June 30, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 306

I learned one thing today.  Packing for a plane trip is a lot harder than packing for a road trip!!
(Especially when you have to pay for every suitcase!)

The last few years I have driven from Texas to New York in the summer with J & K.  It's a long, long, long trip (1800+ miles) but I love to drive and my kids are great travelers.  It's nice to be able to travel when we want, take as long as we want and bring as much as we want (or at least as much as will fit in my car!).  Driving across the country is really a fun experience, and even Hubby, who admittedly hates to travel, enjoyed it when he went with us a couple of years ago.

After the year I've had, I wasn't even sure the trip was going to happen.  Considering how worn down I am from treatment and surgery, Hubby was very reluctant.  Me driving was out of the question.  No matter how much I want to, there's no way I could handle three straight 10 hour days of driving by myself.  We compromised... he said we could go if we fly, not drive.  I don't mind flying at all....but it just severely limits us on when we can go, what we can bring and leaves me without a car while I'm there.  Between the kids' summer camps and my doctor appointments, we will be there for two weeks this year instead of three, but I'm happy to be going "home" at all.  We love being back in Saugerties for July 4th and being able to spend time with my mom and dad.

The one downside to going is that Hubby doesn't go with us.  He won't fly, and even if he would, he can't be away from work for too long.  Plus he will have a birthday while we are gone.  We had a little pre-birthday celebration tonight...we went out to eat at one of his favorites, then came home and he opened cards & gifts from me and the kids.  We also had the birthday cake I made earlier today.  It doesn't exactly make up for us not being here on his special day, but I did what I could.  

Since d-day, Hubby and I have only spent two nights apart.  Now we're about to spend two weeks apart.  I kind of know how Linus would feel if he didn't have his blanket.  Hubby is my rock, my support, my sounding board, my love...I'm going to miss him.  A lot.  

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