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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 284

Many of the women in my January "surgery sisters" group are getting ready to have (or have had) their final reconstruction surgery.  Some women choose to forego any reconstruction, and some, like me, are having to wait.  (My plastic surgeon wants to wait up to six months after the end of radiation before doing anything.) Whether you choose to have no recon, go with implants, or have surgery to use your own tissue to make breasts, there is no one right decision for everybody.  I saw this, though, and had to laugh.

Funny?  Yes.  And yet it kind of reminds me of the (insensitive, in my opinion) people who say that breast cancer patients "get a free boob job".
I was perfectly fine with my old ones, thank you!  
(Except for the whole cancer thing...)

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Karine said...

That is pretty funny! I have chosen not to do reconstruction (diagnosed in 2012) and actually had a male co-worker tell me to get size 38DD...hmmm, that's what I was before! :-) For me, no thanks, they were too big anyway!