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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 283

I am sad today.
It was the first time I've cried over something non-cancer related in a long, long time.

A very special military family moved away today.  I've only known them for a couple of years, but K and E have been softball teammates for several seasons and have become good, good friends.  E is funny, polite & super sweet and they always have a great time together.  They have had play dates and sleepovers, have spent many, many hours swimming together and love to play Minecraft (not while swimming....ha!!).  If I could hand-pick a friend for K I couldn't have found one nicer than E.  K has a lot of friends (and thank GOD her BFF's family isn't military!!!), but E will be missed.  A lot.

While I am sad for my little girl, I'm also sad for me.  E's mom K has become one of my best friends in the short time I've known her.  She is someone who changes your life simply by being in it.  She is one of the most giving people I've ever known - always willing to help out or pitch in, no matter what you need (and I've needed a lot this past year!).  She brought us meals, gave K rides and a place to go when I was down & out during chemo, she took over for me as dugout coach when I couldn't do it (and stuck around to help me now that I'm back) and she was a big part of my Relay for Life team.  She is fun, thoughtful and caring - beautiful inside and out.  She's not just my daughter's friend's mom, she is my friend and I hated to say goodbye to her this morning.  I hope she realizes how much her friendship has meant to me.
(I really wanted a picture of us, but we were both crying before we even said a word so I gave up on that idea real quick.)

I'm old enough to know that people will come and go in my life.  This wonderful family has left a lasting imprint on my heart and I'm blessed to have their friendship.  I know that there's no controlling who the military takes away, and it makes me glad that their family will be complete again once they are reunited with K's hubby in their new home.  It will be a grand adventure for them, but things won't be the same at all around here.  I'm thankful that modern technology will allow us to keep in touch, but Facebook and Skype just can't compete with living five minutes away.

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