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Friday, June 20, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 296

I love my daughter.

Tonight we had a mommy/daughter shopping date.  I needed something to wear to a wedding, so K tagged along and tried on dresses with me.  And when I say she tried on dresses, I mean she tried on my dresses.  Silly girl.  She was dancing through the store having a blast picking out cute things for me to try on (and she has pretty good taste - aside from her obsession with leopard-print clothing!).

Shopping and trying on anything isn't much fun when you're a post-chemo, post-surgery, post-radiation cancer survivor.  I have ten extra pounds I'd love to be rid of, I have fake cleavage and super short hair.  I'm not sporting my usual sun-kissed look because radiation patients have to avoid the sun like the plague.  My port sticks out by my collarbone, so I had to nix several dresses that I really liked because of the neckline.  I don't look like the me I want to look like.

Nothing looks "good" on me.

But you know what?  Seeing my daughter trying on my ladies dresses and having her there to zip the zipper I couldn't reach and tell me how pretty I looked and hearing her belt out Katy Perry's "Roar" from the next stall in the fitting room.....somehow something I wasn't looking forward to ended up being a whole lot of fun.  Because my little girl is fun.

As I'm writing this post, K is Skyping with her daddy.  She's in her bedroom and he's in the living room.  I just heard her tell him, "I have a green tongue Daddy.  Want to see it?" 

This beautiful, quirky, sweet girl makes my heart happy.
(And I bought not one but TWO dresses - and she picked out both!)

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